Trump Urges Conservatives To Defend Second Amendment Rights At CPAC

President Trump covered a wide variety of topics during his address at CPAC in Dallas on Sunday. As part of the speech dealing with increased crime and police funding issues, he cautioned conservatives to be aware that Democrats are positioning for a push for increases in federal gun control measures.

Trump stressed that the “defund the police” movement that began in 2020 is coupling with the rising violent crime in American cities, is part of a coming legislative narrative. “The same far-left Democrats who are defunding police are also leading an all-out crusade to strip you, the law-abiding citizens of America, of your God-given Second Amendment rights,” he stated.

Breitbart reported that Trump’s address echoes his June 26 statements at an Ohio rally where he said, “If you remember, when I was campaigning against Joe Biden I said, ‘They are going to take away your guns’ and ‘Your Second Amendment is under siege.’”

At the Ohio speech, Trump brought up the current crime situation in Chicago, where shootings are running rampant and increasing, even though the city has had gun restrictions or bans among the nation’s strictest since 1982. Democratic Mayor Lori Lightfoot uses the crime wave her city cannot control as an argument for even greater gun control measures.

Joe Biden met on July 11 with Eric Adams, Democratic nominee for Mayor of New York City, to discuss gun violence. Gun control was a focal point of Adams’ campaign. Adams has recently discussed his desire to enhance coordination between New York and federal agencies. As reported by Politico, he stated the city “should create something like a JTTF (Joint Terrorism Task Force). It is what we did to fight terrorism.”

The Biden administration has been met with Republican opposition to his recent nomination of David Chipman to lead the federal Bureau of Liquor, Tobacco, Weapons, and Explosives. Gun rights groups have vehemently opposed Chipman due to his diligent work for gun control advocacy organizations. Donald Trump Jr. last week directly called on specific Democratic Senators from red states to oppose Chipman’s nomination, which could signal where support lines will be drawn over other gun control initiatives.

President Trump’s daughter-in-law Lara Trump appeared on Fox & Friends on June 24. She stated: “Our forefathers, our Founding Fathers put the Second Amendment in there so that we, as the people, could fight back against a tyrannical government so that we could protect ourselves. They are trying to do away with that. They know full well that it is not the legal gun owners, the tens of millions of us out here in America, that are committing these crimes. These crimes are committed with illegal guns. And if we had more police on the street, if they hadn’t demoralized every cop in America, if they hadn’t called for defunding the police, we probably would not see the crime skyrocketing like we do right now under Joe Biden.”