Trump Reveals FBI Did ‘Deep And Ugly Search’ Of Son Barron’s Room

Former President Donald Trump at Saturday’s rally in Pennsylvania made the shocking revelation that the FBI’s raid on his Florida home included a “deep and ugly search” of his son Barron Trump’s bedroom.

The audience at the Save America rally heard the former president detail “one of the most shocking abuses of power” conducted by any U.S. president. Trump likened it to a third-world raid on a political opponent — exactly the type the American government would quickly criticize.

He said that the Biden administration “invaded the home of their chief political opponent.” An opponent, he added, who is “absolutely destroying him.”

Trump told the enthusiastic audience that the FBI searched his teenage son Barron’s room along with former first lady Melania Trump’s bedroom as well. He described agents digging through his wife’s possessions and leaving both in “far different condition than it was when they started.”

Boos rained down when he made that revelation.

Trump said that the raid and break-in were shameful “travesties of justice” that mock the principles the nation was founded on as well as American laws and traditions.

The former president said the FBI and Justice Department have become “vicious monsters” under the control of the radical left. He noted the media present as, along with lawyers, telling the agency what to do.

Trump did not let up on the FBI, criticizing the agency for selecting Federal magistrate judge Bruce Reinhart for approval of the search warrant. He asserted that, on a “phony pretext,” they approached a “highly political” magistrate whom they’d handpicked.

The raid was akin to an action a third-world dictator might resort to, according to Trump, and his rights and liberties were “trampled upon.” The FBI asserts that Trump’s property was raided because he illegally had classified national security documents in his possession.

The former president made it clear to the crowd that the FBI raid was not only an attempt to silence him, but to quiet their voices as well.