Trump Plans to ‘Drain the Swamp’ Post-2024 with Bold Bureaucratic Overhaul

If the American people grant him another term in 2024, former President Donald Trump plans to make good on his promise to “drain the swamp” by implementing a bold overhaul of the federal government’s sprawling bureaucracy.

According to an Axios report published Friday, although Trump hasn’t officially announced whether he will run for office again in 2024, the former president and his allies are already discussing what they would do with another four years in the White House.

One of the main ideas reportedly under consideration is a revival of “Schedule F,” the little-known executive order Trump issued in Oct. 2020.

Launched only thirteen days before the 2020 election and rescinded by President Joe Biden soon after he took office, Schedule F created a new class of federal employees by removing tens of thousands of bureaucrats’ union-protected status and making them “at will” employees.

Although the creation of a new “at will” class of employees gave the president the power to fire thousands of career bureaucrats, Trump was never able to make much of the order, since it was issued so close to the presidential election.

Now, however, the former president wants to give it another shot. According to the Axios report, if elected to a second term, Trump plans to reinstate Schedule F immediately. The former president is also considering making this battle against the “deep state” the centerpiece of a potential 2024 campaign, as his prepared remarks for a Turning Point event in Tampa indicate.

“To drain the swamp, we need to fire the swamp,” Trump reportedly plans to say. “With Schedule F, I took executive action to make it possible to fire federal employees who are bypassing our democracy to advance wokeism and corruption.”

“We now need Congress to institute historic reforms to permanently empower the president to root out the deep state, and ensure that any bureaucrat who is corrupt, incompetent, or unnecessary can be told: ‘You’re fired!’” the remarks continue.

According to Axios, Trump allies are already compiling lists of people committed to the former president’s agenda, who could potentially fill open positions in a newly reformed federal bureaucracy.