Trump Jr. Accuses FBI Of Working With Media To Attack His Father

The Justice Department has called for increased transparency regarding the FBI raid of former President Donald Trump’s Mar-A-Lago residence in Florida earlier this month, but his eldest son is convinced that it is all an act.

During a recent Newmax TV interview, Donald Trump Jr. asserted: “The FBI has done nothing to deserve any benefit of the doubt at this point.”

Instead of releasing an unredacted affidavit in connection with the Aug. 8 search warrant, the younger Trump accused the agency of approving “selective leaks” meant to reflect negatively on his father.

“They’re looking for transparency, right, the DOJ, they’re looking for transparency,” he said. “But they won’t show us the affidavit because that would actually be transparency.”

He went on to claim that the mainstream media is involved in the partisan ploy, citing as an example a recent tweet from NBC News host Norah O’Donnell that omitted any reference to the fact that FBI agents removed the former president’s passports from the residence.

“That has now since been totally debunked, but her original tweet about it is still up,” Trump Jr. added. “It’s still total fake news, but because they’re getting clickbait, because it went viral, they leave it up as though it’s real.”

His criticism extended to the federal judge in Florida who approved the search warrant and is set to hear additional arguments in the case.

Referring to Magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhold, Trump Jr. sarcastically claimed that it is “a total coincidence” that he “happened to be Jeffrey Epstein’s lawyer and a Trump hater and an Obama supporter.”

U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) went on the record this week to call on the Justice Department to release the affidavit with minimal redactions.

“They can redact the names and other sensitive information, but DOJ must lay their cards on the table,” he said, citing “rampant” speculation by the media in calling on the agency to “let America see the affidavit.”

Trump Jr. predicted that Reinhold would act in accordance with the Justice Department’s modus operandi.

“I’m sure when he signs off on this stuff [on Thursday], I’m sure we’ll see exactly nothing, because we know what’s going to happen before it happened — because it’s the same old playbook, day in and day out.”