Trump Is Still Living Rent-Free In Their Heads

Contrary to what Democrats say, Biden did not win the 2020 Presidential elections by popular vote. According to the numbers shown by the Federal Election Commission (FEC), there were 49% of votes cast against Biden. He won only by a minor difference, which is why the Democrats still can not get Trump out of their heads.

Trump and his wife indeed left the town after Biden took over the White House. Still, his significant influence over many Republican-dominated states and the fraction of difference in votes in those states concern the Democrats. Out of the 158,383,403 ballots cast, 77,114,479 voted mainly for Trump or some other party candidate, 49% of the total votes.

Although Biden’s campaign garnered enormous support from Big Tech and other media platforms, Democrats cannot help but be concerned about the forthcoming elections in 2022 following a poll. A survey conducted by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) suggested that Biden’s slim advantage may only persist until the midterm elections in 2022.

According to the poll’s outcome, Democrats are likely to fall behind Republicans in the 2022 elections. The possibility itself is proof enough of Trump’s influence. During the elections in Texas, Trump’s candidate lost to Jake Ellzey as he was a better candidate and had greater chances of winning anyhow. In Ohio, the victory was for Trump and could also define the Republicans’ speculated majority victory in the 2022 midterm elections.

Regardless of the amount of money Trump has amassed to fight, Biden’s destructive policies regarding the XL pipeline have increased the price of gasoline. Rising inflation, which has resulted in price increases for commodities, and the chaos at the southern border point to Trump’s victory in the Battleground districts of Texas and Ohio.