Trump Endorses Death Penalty For Drug and Human Traffickers

In America today, both human trafficking and drug trafficking are very serious problems.

In the wake of the Ghislaine Maxwell trial, conviction, and sentencing, many Americans got a brief glimpse into the horrors of human trafficking.

Drug trafficking atrocities are also very much alive and well. The uptick in fentanyl deaths alone has shined a spotlight on this. It’s also no coincidence that as the southern border overflows with chaos and illegal crossings, reported US fentanyl death rates have increased.

Now, former President Trump has proposed a solution to cracking down against these evils once and for all.

Trump on Holding Traffickers Accountable
This past Friday, Trump visited Las Vegas, Nevada to host a Save America rally. During this time, the former president talked about solutions to rampant issues in society, such as human trafficking and drug trafficking.

To this end, Trump explained that traffickers of both humans and drugs should receive the death penalty in the United States. The 45th president then noted that getting “streetwise tough” as opposed to remaining “politically correct” is the best way to save lives.

Trump remarked that political correctness and weakness from leaders today are the root causes of millions of people prematurely losing their lives in ways that could’ve been avoided.

Before making these remarks, Trump noted they’d be controversial, but ultimately determined the best interests of America matter more than not ruffling feathers.

Rise of Trafficking Crimes
During the Trump administration, the former president took specific actions to secure the border, thereby helping to fight both drug and human trafficking. However, the current White House has not taken such measures.

Today, the border remains overrun with one problem after the next. Not too long ago, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) secretary Alejandro Mayorkas shockingly claimed the administration is doing “a good job” on the southern border.

Mayorkas even celebrated the Supreme Court’s recent ruling that Biden can scrap Remain in Mexico, one of the few remaining immigration policies from the Trump era.

With this measure gone, many officials have warned that traffickers will continue to have a field day and use the open border to commit heinous crimes.