Trump, DOJ At Odds Over Arbiters

An important meeting was held on Friday between the U.S. Department of Justice and former President Donald Trump’s legal team. The gathering marked the first step in the process of choosing an arbitrator, whose role will be to oversee the investigation into the classified documents seized during the Mar-a-Lago raid.

Both parties expressed differing opinions in regard to what the arbitrator’s responsibilities should be. Trump’s attorneys argued that all documents in question demand thorough review by the adjudicator. DOJ officials held firm in their stance that the arbitrator should be prohibited from viewing any of the classified documents.

The documents are the focus of the investigation, yet the DOJ doesn’t want arbitration to take a peek? An arbitrator is the same as a referee at a football game. So, the corrupt Justice Department lobbying for limited officiating makes perfect sense.

The DOJ submitted two candidates, both of which are former federal judges. The first choice is Barbara Jones, who spent nearly two decades on the federal bench in Manhattan. The second prospect is retired federal appeals court jurist Thomas Griffith of D.C.

Barbara Jones is no stranger to arbitration. In 2018, she acted as “special master” for the criminal investigation into Michael Cohen(Barbara Jones). Cohen, Trump’s personal lawyer, was disbarred following the proceedings.

Jones once again landed the role of arbitrator during the investigation into Rudy Giuliani for his potential violation of foreign lobbying laws (Jones/Giuliani). Jones ruled in favor of the bad guys again. The DOJ was permitted to read private texts from the former NYC mayor’s cell phone, which was confiscated during an April 2021 federal raid of his law office and residence.

It gets worse. The Honorable Judge Jones was also given arbitration duties for the investigation surrounding Ashley Biden’s diary. (Barbara Jones/Ashley Biden). It’s clear that Barbara Jones is “on the team,” so to speak.

Donald Trump’s legal team also nominated two choices. Raymond Dearie, a former high-level federal prosecutor from New York, along with private attorney and Floridian Phil Huck Jr.

The DOJ seized thousands of documents during their raid of the 45th president’s home in early August. Several dozen pages contain information marked ‘classified,’ or in some cases, ‘top secret level.’ There’s much at stake and the public deserves the truth.

Many legal experts predict this arbitration battle could drag out for months. Obtaining fair arbitration is paramount in assuring a positive outcome for Donald Trump. Needless to say, things don’t look good for Trump supporters if Barbara Jones is chosen.