Trump: Biden Corruption Outweighs Watergate, Vows ‘Righteous Crusade’

In a stirring address on Saturday evening, President Donald Trump delivered a passionate call to action, illustrating the magnitude of alleged corruption within the Biden family. Trump put Joe Biden’s malfeasance at “100 times bigger than Watergate,” invoking the infamous scandal that saw President Richard Nixon resign under immense pressure in 1974.

Trump’s remarks at the Faith and Freedom Coalition conference confirmed that the scale of the Biden family’s impropriety only came into the spotlight following revelations by an IRS whistleblower. Additionally, a newly disclosed text message describes a situation where Joe Biden was physically present when his son, Hunter Biden, demanded payment from a Chinese businessman linked with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Shortly after the date of the message, accounts directly linked to Hunter Biden allegedly received a staggering sum of $5.1 million from China without any clear reasoning behind the transaction. “They’ve taken in tens of millions of dollars from China,” Trump asserted. He suggests the international dimensions of this potential scandal are expansive, reaching beyond China and involving other nations, including Ukraine.

President Trump described Biden as a “totally compromised president” due to the purportedly massive bribery in these financial transactions. According to Trump, this has left Biden unable to stand against those countries involved due to their in-depth knowledge of the questionable financial operations.

Switching gears, Trump’s comments gravitated toward concerns over the apparent persecution of Christians under the Biden administration. He expressed alarm over the Department of Justice (DOJ) actions targeting parents at school board meetings, the deployment of SWAT teams against pro-life activists, and the labeling of Catholics as domestic terrorists. This depiction struck a resonant chord with his conservative and evangelical audience.

Expanding his vision beyond present grievances, Trump unveiled his portrayal of his potential 2024 presidential campaign as a “righteous crusade.” He described America as his “beloved nation,” teetering precariously toward tyranny, underscoring the urgency of this crusade.

Trump also addressed the subject of classified documents found at his Mar-a-Lago club which resulted in a federal indictment. Dismissing the charges, he claimed a president has an absolute right over such documents under long-standing law. Trump labeled every count of the indictment from radical left Democrats as a “badge of courage.”

An essential aspect of the righteous crusade to restore America involves the controversial topic of abortion. Saturday marked the first anniversary since the Supreme Court’s ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization which returned abortion access decisions to the states. Trump celebrated this moment as a victory for his appointments to the Supreme Court and the pro-life movement overall.