Trans Athlete Quits After Women Refuse To Play Against Him

A “transgender” man has quit a British women’s soccer team after several opposing teams refused to play against his team because he broke a female opponent’s knee during a match. Despite quitting, he is still threatening a lawsuit.

Opponents have refused to play against a 30-year-old man who calls himself Francesca Needham after he broke a female player’s knee as she attempted to block his shot. Many women reported feeling “terrified” to face the man on the field, according to a report from the Daily Mail.

The “transgender” player has resigned from the Rossington Main Ladies team in Doncaster, South Yorkshire — noting that he was leaving for the good of the team after many teams refused to play against them.

However, Needham isn’t giving up on fighting against women’s rights to feel safe on the field — as he has declared his intent to file a lawsuit over supposed discrimination.

He made the declaration in a statement posted to the team’s Facebook page, complaining about facing “challenges from teams unwilling to play against us while I am on the field.”
Needham then warned about potential legal action.

“This unfortunate circumstance has prompted me to investigate pursuing a case of discrimination, as I believe it represents a breach of a code of conduct regarding diversity and inclusion, as well as safeguarding of adults in football established by both the Football Association and the Sheffield and Hallamshire Women and Girls League,” he wrote.

“It’s disheartening to acknowledge that this situation contradicts everything in the diversity and inclusion policies, given that I have diligently met every single requirement set out by the Football Association to play,” Needham added.

“I sincerely hope that this issue of perceived discrimination against me can be resolved peacefully and promptly,” his statement concluded.

While Rossington Main Ladies’ team continues to express support for Needham, likely because they never faced the threat of injury from his actions due to being on the same team, opposing teams have spoken out against him — although they have done so anonymously out of fear of backlash from the trans lobby and the U.K.’s speech police.

“It was obvious,” one opposing team’s manager told the Daily Mail, requesting to remain anonymous. “Unfortunately, the FA allowed it to happen but didn’t let anyone know. She’s quite a big, strong player. People have refused to play because they are worried about the safety of the players.”

“My players were backing out of challenges as psychologically it’s quite a big thing when you are playing against a biological man, it’s quite scary. They were terrified,” he added.
Another unidentified team manager explained that parents of teenagers on his team were concerned about their children playing against Needham.

“I have 16 and 17 year old players playing for me, and their parents weren’t too keen to put their welfare at risk,” he wrote in a statement to the Daily Mail, arguing that it is a “welfare” and safety issue, not a “transgender issue.”