Trans Activist’s Dark Past Exposed By Survivor’s Courageous Stand

Darren Sheridan’s life in the U.K. was drastically altered at the age of 19. He was kidnapped, tortured, and nearly killed by a man who now identifies as Sarah Jane Baker, a transgender activist with a radical agenda. With Baker recently making headlines due to a violent speech, Sheridan, now 52, bravely spoke out about the ordeal that continues to cast a shadow over his life.

Baker’s incendiary comments were made at a recent PRIDE event. He openly called for violence against biological women who do not align with his radical viewpoint, using a derogatory term, “TERF” (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist), to incite the crowd to immediate violence.

Sheridan, responding to these headlines, urged for more civil discourse. “I think if people disagree with other people about issues, it’s much better to have a debate about it than threaten people. By telling the crowd to punch a TERF, she clearly still has anger issues and is a dangerous, violent person,” Sheridan cautioned.

The chilling tale of his abduction illustrates this violent past all too well. Taken at knifepoint, Sheridan was led into a van where he was brutally beaten. Unseen horrors followed as he was taken to a flat, beaten, and tortured for 12 hours. “They were punching me and burning me with cigarettes. They were stubbing them out on my neck and I still have the scars from that to this day,” Sheridan shared.

His tormentors, including Baker, physically harmed him and forced him into horrifying, degrading acts. The savagery continued, culminating in Sheridan being bound with electric wire so that any movement could have led to his strangulation. Left alone in the darkness, he passed out, clinging to life.

Miraculously, he survived this horrific ordeal, rescued by police and paramedics alerted by a concerned neighbor. His recovery was a long and painful journey, physically and mentally.

Sheridan’s painful testimony sheds an alarming light on Baker’s newfound role as a trans activist. The same person who terrorized a young man and advocated for violence against women in a public forum is now a figure of influence in the transgender community.

While Sheridan has moved on from his traumatic experience, the physical and emotional scars remain. The revelation of Baker’s violent history reminds us that our society must not ignore or excuse the past in the name of “progress.”