Trafficking Survivor Calls on CIA to Address Epstein Speculation

An opinion piece published this week by Blaze Media calls on the CIA to clear up public speculation about the agency’s involvement with human trafficking and the Jeffrey Epstein case. The author, Eliza Bleu, is a survivor of human trafficking and is an advocate for victims of trafficking and sexual abuse.

She noted that podcaster Joe Rogan made a remarkable claim in the July 29 episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience” about deceased sexual abuser and human trafficker Epstein. He said the case was an “intelligence operation” and either involved Mossad, the CIA, or a combination of both. Rogan went on to claim that the agencies were “bringing in people and compromising them.”

Blue wrote that the idea had been raised previously by other normally credible people like Eric Weinstein, managing director of Thiel Capital. She noted that Weinstein has said on Twitter as recently as this week that he has wanted to know for two decades whether he was right or wrong about Epstein being under the control of the intelligence community.

Bleu also cited a July 2021 article published by Rolling Stone titled “Was Jeffrey Epstein a Spy?”

She also cited a deposition of Epstein’s co-conspirator Ghislaine Maxwell taken by an Epstein victim in 2016. When Maxwell was asked about possible connections between Epstein and the intelligence community, she answered by saying she had “no recollection.”

Bleu said that he was led to wonder if anyone had ever directly asked the CIA whether it had any connection to Epstein. She decided to ask the question herself.

She said that her first email to the CIA Office of Public Affairs referenced the Rogan podcast episode and simply asked whether “the CIA uses human trafficking or child sexual exploitation in any way as part of any US intelligence operations.”

She said that she eventually received a written response from agency spokesperson Tammy Thorp saying the suggestion raised by the question is “not only unequivocally false, but absurd and offensive to the CIA officers who risk their lives every day to defend the American people.”

Bleu replied to ask for confirmation that no member of the U.S. intelligence community would allow an asset to “knowingly engage in human trafficking or child sexual exploitation on American soil.“

She said the final reply Thorp said that the CIA promptly reports any crimes it becomes aware of to American law enforcement authorities and directed her to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence for any questions about agencies other than the CIA.

Bleu wrote that Americans deserve transparency about what intelligence agencies are doing in the name of the United States so they can be assured that our national values are being upheld. She pledged that she will not give up on asking for disclosure of the details of the Epstein case, including “co-conspirators, clients, and intelligence community involvement.”