TikTok Service Member Rants About Abortion Rights Endangering Lives

It’s been noted several times in the past that the military is going “woke,” but it’s accelerating at a speed that’s not been seen before. TikTok is now the platform that one service member used to voice frustration about abortion and asked followers how she can serve a country that “doesn’t give a rat’s a**” about her.

The TikTok user going by the name “rahasenfratz,” said, “How am I supposed to swear to support and defend the Constitution and a country that treats its women like second-class citizens? How am I supposed to do that with pride? How am I supposed to do that with love and honor? How am I supposed to wake up every day and put on a frickin’ uniform that says ‘United States Army’ when the United States doesn’t even give a rat’s ass about me?”

Rahesenfratz complained that she had just re-upped her military contract prior to the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade and expressed regret that she had done so.

Rahesenfratz said that the United States “gives more of a rat’s ass about the guns they’re allowed to buy that kill the children that I’m forced to give birth to.”

Why would she be concerned about children being killed when she wants to have the right to kill them in the first place? It seems counterintuitive to complain about both at the same time.

Rahasenfratz continued, “I signed that contract, so I will serve my country.”

She also added, “But you bet your ass you’re going to hear my voice because I will not stop, I will not rest, and I will not be silent because this is an attack on reproductive rights. It is an attack on women in this country.”

She complained that overturning Roe v. Wade will “lessen the retention of women in the ranks of the military” and she had “extremely limited access to birth career” and she “can’t get an ultrasound without traveling off base.”

Many service members are women, but it’s not completely surprising that the military doesn’t offer pregnancy care while on base. That would be highly specific and somewhat rare. If they provided access to ultrasounds and pregnancy care then it would likely be much lesser care than could be provided elsewhere.

The account seems to have been deleted, which is likely due to the controversial nature of the video and possible repercussions from her command staff.