‘This Is What Democrats Want!’: Sen. Ron Johnson Shares Alarming Border Numbers From The DHS

According to the Quinnipiac Poll shared by Fox News’ Bill Melugin, Biden’s approval ratings are underwater in all categories. One of the highest dips in his job approval ratings is subject to the Border crisis. The Quinnipiac Poll has recorded the percentage down to 38%, which is the lowest number during his entire presidency so far. Only 23% of poll ratings approved Biden’s handling of the Border, while 67% disapproved, which is quite a large number. Further, 25% approved of Biden’s handling of the immigration policies, while 67% disapproved. The vast and clear difference between the approval and disapproval ratings says a lot about Biden’s competency as a President. 

Previously the poll ratings took a hit after the Afghanistan withdrawal situation, and other polls recorded the approval ratings sinking below 50%. Still, the Border crisis has cleared the picture for most Americans now. Looking at the numbers of migrants who have entered the country in the past nine months, Republican Senator Ron Johnson has totaled it to 500,000 dispersed immigrants with 400,000 known getaways. The annualized number is 1.2 million, a vast number and even more prominent than the population of 9 US states. Johnson called out Biden over Twitter, asking him to admit that he has led on a crisis. 

The real crisis is nothing but a policy-driven humanitarian crisis, which people are mad about. If only Biden had consulted his representatives while devising the immigration policy or just for a moment glimpsed at Trump’s border policies for a reference, maybe the situation wouldn’t have gotten so worse. It is now safe to say that Trump’s border wall wasn’t such a bad idea.