These Reports From Kabul Are Simply Too Horrific To Believe

The withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan is to conclude on the 31st of August, but thousands of American citizens are still stuck in Afghanistan, desperately looking for ways to escape. But reports from reliable sources like former Navy Rep. Dan Crenshaw and others suggest that the American forces keep these citizens from getting to Kabul airport.

Lara Logan, a reputable reporter, recently shared that even people with authentic American passports are being denied access to the Kabul airport. It seems that the U.S. government itself doesn’t want its citizens back. The situation is so dire that since the 28th of August, American citizens were not even allowed to enter the premises of the Kabul airport, as the Biden administration continues to pretend to save U.S. citizens from the danger zone publicly. Logan also reports that the U.S. military is deliberately sending unwanted Afghans and other allies to the Taliban, driving them directly into the trap and have been desperately trying to escape the whole time.

While reporting on the dire situation in Kabul, Rep. Dan Crenshaw shared that the Biden administration has been lying about their rescue efforts for American citizens and other allies, as the State Department is now keeping any rescue aircraft from landing on Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul. In addition to this, the Taliban are keeping people from accessing the airport, as they demand phone calls from American citizens to their family or relatives in the U.S. to enter the airport premises. Recent reports from Kabul also elaborate that approximately seven buses full of female American citizens were denied entry into the Kabul airport by the same U.S. military forces who were supposed to aid their escape from Afghanistan. These citizens were most likely handed over to the Taliban, who have been executing masses in the streets, while the media continues to cover the massacre in Afghanistan. Emily Miller, another reliable reporter, shares that the U.S. military forces at the Kabul Airport are now also impeding any private rescue operations that are going on in Kabul, threatening such private operators that they will be provided with no facilitation in exiting Afghanistan.

So, all these news reports support the idea that the growing chaos relating to rescuing American citizens in Afghanistan is entirely orchestrated by the American government itself, as the Biden Administration, White House, and the Pentagon collectively work on abandoning their citizens, leaving them at the mercy of the Taliban. America’s efforts to sabotage the rescue missions for its citizens and allies are deliberate. It can be speculated that the U.S. administration is just unpatriotic, working to support China’s plan of destroying America.