There’s a Major Gap Between the Press and the American Public

Over the past several years, journalists and others in the mainstream media have been criticized for how they report the news.

Conservatives draw attention to bias in the press, especially when it comes to how the public is encouraged to see Republicans vs. Democrats. During the 2020 presidential election, for example, the media widely dismissed the legitimacy of the Hunter Biden laptop report.

Yet, with Biden now in office, media outlets have begun to acknowledge the laptop is, in fact, authentic. On the heels of this, a brand new poll by Pew Research has revealed a major disconnect between America’s media class and the general public.

The Poll That Says It All
The new Pew Research poll shows that 76% of the American public agrees the mainstream media should cover different sides of subjects equally. Yet, only 44% of journalists agree with this perspective.

The journalists polled include those working in podcasts, radio, television, and online. Of the journalists with right-leaning audiences, 57% confirmed their support for equal coverage of different topics. Yet, only 30% of journalists with left-leaning audiences supported this view.

On the side of the audience, Pew Research revealed that a majority of both Republicans (87%) and Democrats (68%) favor journalists reporting news in a balanced way.

Public dissatisfaction with how the mainstream media chooses to cover various events and news stories remains well-documented on social media. Some Americans have started urging audiences to turn to alternate outlets, such as NewsmaxTV and One American News Network (OANN).

Trouble Going Forward?
The revelation that most journalists don’t agree with equally covering all sides of issues isn’t sitting well with the American public. Critics have turned to social media sites to express their unease with this perspective and weigh in on what it means for the future.

One common view regarding the media is it shouldn’t steer clear of issues or suppress certain news that doesn’t fit a narrative. For instance, with the White House facing growing scrutiny over eyebrow-raising information on Hunter Biden’s laptop, there are questions about whether the mainstream media will widely report this or suppress parts of the story.

For years on end, Americans’ collective trust in the media has been damaged. At this point, there’s no telling when (or if) it will ever return.