The White House’s Policies Are Increasing Poverty in America

Nationwide, the economy has continued to take various turns for the worse since Joe Biden got into the Oval Office.

Last week, inflation increased to a staggering rate of 8.6%. At the same time, gas prices also went up, making life even harder for everyday Americans.

Naturally, with prices getting higher across the board (and wages not following suit), fewer people are able to comfortably afford to live. Some folks even put their retirement plans aside, due to the current economic conditions.

As all this plays out, Biden and his White House aides continue to argue the economy is doing well and growing. Yet, the precise opposite reality couldn’t be more true.

The Reality of Biden-era Economic Policies
Under Joe Biden, gas prices today are multiple times higher than the $2.41 average that stood before former President Trump left the Oval Office.

Today’s 8.6% inflation rate also continues to stand far above wage gains of only 5.4%.

Inflation today comes after a litany of spending from Biden and the Democrat Party in Congress. However, the president insists that current price hikes are the fault of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Between wages and inflation, working-class families today are anticipated to have lost between $2,000 to $4,000. Yet, Biden claims the economy is bouncing back and doing well.

When Trump was in office, working-class families saw their median wages go up by roughly $6,000. Biden is said to call Trump the worst president ever in private; yet, Trump’s numbers on the economy alone have proven to be much better than Biden’s.

No Serious Solutions From the White House
Regardless of how great the current administration claims the economy is, data and lived experiences will always speak louder than political rhetoric.

Shortages in insulin, baby formula, and tampons are pressing issues facing the nation. Although, the baby formula shortage is expected to sort itself out by the end of July, thanks to resumed operations at Abbott Nutrition.

Biden could have prevented this formula shortage by acting on the knowledge he had months in advance. Yet, to this day, his administration remains silent about the shortages in both tampons and insulin.

The president and his administration continue to insist that gas prices can be fixed by people just buying electric vehicles. These vehicles are not only in short supply, but they’re also extremely unaffordable for the everyday American.

Between inflation, gas prices, stagnant wages, and other hardships, people can expect poverty to persist under this current White House.