The White House Will Say Anything To Help Democrats In November

With less than three weeks left until the midterm elections, the Biden administration is going to extraordinary lengths to spare left-wing candidates from defeat.

This is why the president used an emergency law to “forgive” $10,000 to $20,000 in student loan debt, despite also declaring the COVID-19 pandemic is over.

Biden’s desperation to keep Democrats in power is also why he vowed to pass a law permitting nationwide abortion on demand if Democrats keep the Senate and House.

Unfortunately for the White House, it continues to remain deeply out of touch with the problems and angst most Americans are facing. Instead, the administration would rather lie than be held accountable.

You Can’t Make This Up
Due to a combination of inflation and anti-American energy reforms, gas prices in this country are far higher than they need to be. They’re definitely higher than the $2.41 per gallon national average that stood before Biden came into office.

Though if you let the White House tell it, gas prices are better than they’ve ever been. In fact, just this week, press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre declared the Biden administration is saving Americans “$420 million” on a daily basis.

This is demonstrably untrue. If this were the case, then the president wouldn’t need to visit foreign, autocratic regimes in order to beg for oil. Likewise, if Jean-Pierre’s claims were true, Biden also wouldn’t be robbing America’s supply of Strategic Petroleum Reserves.

If the White House were to walk back its radical climate change reforms and revive energy independence, it very well could help Americans save gas money. Then, again, that wouldn’t fit well with the administration’s agenda of making everyone drive electric vehicles. ​​

The Truth Democrats Won’t Face
At this point, Americans can see the writing on the wall, no matter how many lies the Biden administration unleashes.

Biden is not only robbing Americans of their hard-earned money via inflation, but he’s also ensuring the nation is considerably less prepared in the event of a national emergency that requires supplies, such as Strategic Petroleum Reserves.

Polls continue to show issues like gas prices and inflation are top of mind for the American people. Coincidentally, the polls also demonstrate that Republicans are far more trusted on these issues than their Democratic counterparts.

For these reasons and many others, Democrats will not be able to lie their way out of losing the midterms.