The White House Cinco de Mayo Celebration Did Not Go Well

There are many problems facing the White House today. High turnover rates, low poll numbers surrounding the president, and various policy disasters are just a few examples.

However, the clear mental decline of Joe Biden is causing repeated problems for this administration. The president has made more gaffes than any person of sound mind would. It’s not uncommon for Biden to make multiple gaffes during one single speaking event.

Yet, somehow, the White House appears to be doing little more than just covering for Biden when these messes arrive and then moving on. The president’s speaking gaffes are so bad that aides now have to alter the official transcripts posted on the White House’s government website.

Earlier this week, the administration held an event in celebration of Cinco de Mayo. The event was a complete nightmare, as documented by Red State.

Major Speaking Problems on Biden’s End

On Thursday, May 5, the president made several blunders while speaking at the White House’s celebratory event. One clear example arrived when he referred to the Mexican president’s wife as “Madam President.”

The tone and disposition that Biden maintained while speaking made it clear that he wasn’t joking. He genuinely believed the first lady of Mexico was actually the president of Mexico.

Biden didn’t stop there, though. Later, the commander-in-chief struggled to recognize his own granddaughter, Naomi Biden, even though she was sitting in front of him while he spoke.

The president claimed that he did not see Naomi. First lady Jill Biden reminded her husband that their granddaughter was literally seated right in front of them. Yet, Biden still missed it.

Later, during the Cinco de Mayo celebration, Biden tried to make a point about Spanish-speaking children. However, this, too, was a complete disaster.

The president started off by claiming one-fourth of children in America speak Spanish. Yet, he then proceeded to declare that people who have “gotten in the way” will be “honored” and “conquered.”

It’s not uncommon for Biden to start a sentence one way and then complete it in a very unintelligible manner; yet, even the statistic he shared about Spanish-speaking children was not correct.

In actuality, a little over 22% of children speak multiple languages, not just Spanish and English.

Elder Abuse?

As the nation witnesses Biden show visible confusion and disorientation while speaking, some people believe he’s a victim of elder abuse.

It’s been said that the first lady and others close to the president should not allow him to continue working a job that he’s clearly unfit for. Likewise, there are national security matters to worry about, in light of Biden’s declining mental state.

Talk about removing the president from office via the 25th Amendment has been coming up more frequently these days.