The ‘Weak And Woke’ Can Not Lead America

Senator McCain claims that when a political party, its candidates, the majority of elected politicians, and the media disparage the military in front of the entire world, they are only weakening our country. He says that electing a guy and his party that project weakness, demonstrate weakness, and are weak is risky.

Vice President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address might have focused on why America needs a robust military and how he would utilize it to project strength to do good worldwide if military action is deemed necessary. By explaining why we need powerful armed forces, the vice president may have instilled terror in the minds of our adversaries.

Joe Biden announced that transgenderism must be safeguarded in the military in his first executive order, No. 14004. Do you think that made the backs of Muslim terrorists shiver? The Secretary of Defense issued an order that lifted all limitations on transgenderism across the military.

In March, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin stated that lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and intersex people would be prioritized in the Department of Defense’s decision-making procedures. Army General Mark Milley defended the racist Critical Race Theory being taught to West Point cadets. Do you think that gave Muslim terrorists and our adversaries in China and Russia shivers?

On Wednesday, the military was notified of a possible terrorist attack on Kabul’s airport in the coming days. The highest enlisted rank in the Army is Sergeant Major. He posted on Women’s Equality Day and the need for inclusivity just one day after being warned of a terrorist attack.

Joe Biden and his government collaborated with the terrorist organization that housed and assisted Al-Qaeda in its September 11, 2001 attack on the United States. In a brief address yesterday, Biden confirmed that the Politico claims that his administration essentially gave the Taliban terrorist group a kill list could be correct. It is the behavior of a failed administration and a failed leader.