The Washington Post Endorses Government Regulation of Carbon Emissions

The climate change cause is one that Democrats remain determined to fight until the bitter end.

Thus far, climate change policies being put through by the current government are not going over so well. Joe Biden’s crackdown on fossil fuels, oil production, and pipelines has caused gas prices to be many times more costly than they were when he first came into office.

Even the push for electric vehicles isn’t going very smoothly for Democrats. Electric vehicles are in meager supply, for starters. On top of this, one problem after the next has come up with setting up the nationwide charging stations that are necessary to operate these vehicles.

Unfortunately, none of this makes much difference to the Washington Post. A columnist for the left-wing site recently put out an article endorsing the federal government to completely bring down carbon emissions.

The Latest Appeal From the Washington Post
The Washington Post, by its own admission, believes the federal government ought to use the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to push back on climate change.

This piece goes on to claim mankind is ultimately failing to prevent climate change and needs to employ drastic action to turn things around.

In light of this perspective, the EPA is now being called upon to use the Toxic Substances Control Act to classify carbon emissions as a threat to the environment and public health.

Using this law is no joke. It’s been used before to completely prohibit substances deemed as harmful.

If the Washington Post gets what it’s asking for, then carbon emissions could end up coming with a cost for companies that generate them. Likewise, the Toxic Substances Control Act could be potentially used to force companies into rolling back carbon that’s already been emitted.

More on Radical Climate Change Initiatives

The agenda to stamp out carbon emissions is one of many measures being pushed by the left as part of its radical climate change plan.

Recently, the White House was questioned as to whether or not it’s putting climate change policies above all else, including the economy and everyday pains Americans are facing.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre says the view of the Biden administration is they can tackle multiple issues at the same time.

This is highly debatable. However, as the Washington Post releases anti-carbon emissions articles, many Americans are wondering how they’re going to pay their mortgages and afford groceries this month.