The Vice President is Still Losing Aides

Since getting into the White House, Vice President Kamala Harris appears to have faced a bumpy road, at best.

In 2021, rumors spread that Harris wasn’t getting along with Joe Biden or others in the administration. Then, word leaked that the vice president was being used as the fall person by Biden’s team members for when he messes up.

Naturally, the White House worked to immediately put these rumors to bed. Harris and other officials gave statements and interviews, saying there is no animosity between her or anyone else on Biden’s team.

However, when it comes to Harris’ own team, some issues certainly appear present. As the White House loses staff members, the vice president isn’t too far behind. Now, many Americans are wondering what’s really going on here.

The Latest Aide Departures From Harris’ Team
Speechwriting director Meghan Groob and domestic policy aide Rohini Kosoglu are the latest aides to jump ship.

Groob’s departure comes after less than five months of working for the vice president. Meanwhile, Kosoglu is leaving Harris’ team after six years of working for her in varying capacities.

Like other aides to leave in the past, the vice president has publicly made glowing remarks about the latest departures. These public remarks talk about the greatness of ex-aides’ contributions and include well wishes on future endeavors.

Other fairly recent departures left communications director and press secretary posts vacant within the vice president’s team.

The exits of Groob and Kosoglu coincidentally come around the same time that Harris has been criticized for various repetitive word salads during her public speeches. On top of this, the vice president’s approval rating is struggling, just as Biden’s is.

What’s Driving This High Turnover Rate?
The White House has not given any candid or official statements regarding mass exits from the vice president’s team. However, reports have surfaced that accuse Harris of subjecting the people working for her to hostile environments.

Similar rumors charge the vice president with being demanding and lashing out at staffers when things don’t go her way. If there is validity to these claims, then it stands to reason this could have a role in turnover rates.

Meanwhile, some Americans have suggested that White House aides recognize the growing problems associated with the Biden administration and are quitting to spare themselves from the fallout.