The US Dollar May Be In Grave Danger

Whenever Americans believe that Joe Biden can’t possibly reach a new low, he manages to surprise us.

One of the worst things Biden has done since getting into office is gradually devaluing the US dollar. The president did this by forcing through spending bills that sent inflation through the rooftops. Also, as the federal government prints more money, this devalues the worth of funds currently in circulation.

Unfortunately, new reports indicate that Biden may have even darker plans in store for the country.

The End of the US Dollar?
According to a former adviser for the Defense Department, Biden is intentionally crashing the nation’s economy to pave the way for a digital currency system.

With digital currency being the only way to do transactions, this would give the federal government significant control over Americans’ funds and lives.

Individuals could be denied access to their own hard-earned money for opposing the current administration’s policies or spreading so-called “misinformation” online.

Back in March, the president signed an executive order that specifically permits a counterpart to the US dollar that is “trackable spyware.” Naturally, this isn’t something the White House broadcasted.

The Defense Department’s former adviser likewise warned that with a digital currency system in America, cash would become worthless and the deep state could even confiscate dollar bills.

Perhaps this is the “New World Order” that Biden and various members of his administration mentioned before?

The End of America
If America ever succumbs to a digital currency system, we’ll essentially be like communist China.

In China, a social credit system exists where people who displease the government are denied access to various locations and otherwise punished. Democrats, meanwhile, are pushing for some version of this in America, under the guise of safety and protection, of course.

This new warning from a former government adviser makes it all the more important that Biden is stopped before he has the chance to do more damage.

If Democrats hold onto Congress next month, Biden will only continue forward with his current agenda, despite the damage it inflicts upon the country.

America has a lot to come back from, but the least we can do is make sure that Democrats’ stranglehold on Congress ends next month.