The Trump Rally Is Back To Full Strength

In his Arizona rally last week, Donald Trump nailed the Democrats to the wall. Turning Point Action, led by Charlie Kirk, organized what many hope is Trump’s return to the rally circuit. As the recently displaced leader of the free world, Trump remains the pivotal figure in American politics. He outshines all members of Congress and everyone in the Biden Administration, including the charismatic Press Secretary “Circle Back” Jen Psaki.

Cheering crowds of over 5000 people greeted President Donald Trump at the Arizona Federal Theatre in Phoenix.

In comparison, Joe Biden can only draw a crowd when CNN hosts a town hall. And even this manufactured audience has the enthusiasm of a pickleball tournament.

Trump gave Republicans in the 2022 races in Arizona a boost. At the rally, alongside the businessman turned President were Kari Lake, television personality Kimberly Yee, Arizona treasurer, Matt Salmon, former congressman, all seeking the governor’s seat. Also running for the U.S. Senate are Mick McGuire, Arizona National Guard, and Blake Masters, a venture capitalist.

Trump spoke directly to the Arizona audit, “In my opinion, there is no way they win elections without cheating.” He went on regarding problems in Maricopa, AZ, “The county has refused to disclose how many of these 74,000 were in person, early votes.”

Trump mentioned Biden’s selling out U.S. oil production, “They are negotiating right now with OPEC and with Russia. We had so much oil.” He pounded the job-killing policies of Joe Biden, “he stopped the Keystone XL pipeline. The real number is 48, not 8. They said 8,000, and it’s 48,000 jobs.” And he pointed out that Biden is conducting foreign policy according to his business interests, “It’s always Russia. Do you ever notice? It’s never China. Because they’re all getting rich from China.”

He addressed ongoing turmoil in Pennsylvania due to election irregularities, “William McSwain, who previously prosecuted much ballot-stuffing stating that his office received allegations of large-scale voter fraud. But Attorney General Bill Barr ordered him to stand down, and McSwain wasn’t the only one. And McSwain is furious about it.” What good is an AG if he does not do his job at such a critical moment? Why is it so easy for these bureaucrats to betray this country?

Trump slammed Gen. Mark Milley for his limp approach to supporting Critical Race Theory, “In testimony before Congress, lightweight Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Mark Milley, actually defended the teaching of CRT, a Marxist ideology, to our men and women in uniform.”

Trump ripped the Biden crime family shenanigans as they pretend that Hunter Biden is some secret artist. He pointed out that an administration rife with corruption has taken over this country. He exclaimed, “But what about Hunter Biden getting a half a million dollars per painting, and he never painted before? Could you imagine if my kids did that? Could you imagine? And now they’re justifying it. “Well, we want to make it non-transparent.” No, actually, you should make it transparent.”

Trump, who has taken credit for Operation Warp Speed, promoted the vaccine developed by U.S. pharmaceutical companies but rejected forced vaccinations or mandates. He asked, “How about the vaccine? I came up with the vaccine. They said it would take three to five years. I recommend you take it. But I also believe in your freedoms a hundred percent.”

In addition, Trump ended the rally in a crescendo that echoed his most ardent campaign promises and that of his inauguration speech. With his unstoppable energy, “Our movement is driven by a love for America and an ironclad faith in the American people. I have that faith, and you have that faith. We are not fighting for socialism, communism. We’re not fighting for servitude. We’re fighting for God, for the country, and we’re fighting for freedom. We know in our veins that our American inheritance was passed down to us by generations of patriots who gave everything they had, their sweat, their blood, and even their very lives to build America into the most powerful nation in the history of the world. And we are not going to let it be taken away from us by a small group of the radical left, Marxist maniacs.”