The Taliban Issued A ‘Chilling Order’ To Kabul Residents

Leftists in America firmly believe that stricter gun control laws in the state will help prevent the heinous crimes that stem from a lack of adequate accountability systems against the usage of guns. But, history depicts that every time strict gun control laws were imposed in a state, they gave unchecked power to those in authority, with such rulers becoming nothing less than tyrants for the public, leaving the people helpless and powerless. A very similar situation appears to be brewing in Afghanistan these days, as the Taliban have forbidden the Afghan citizens from possessing any form of ammunition. The public in Afghanistan has been requested to hand over all documents of ammo within the next ten days, as the Taliban go from door to door collecting guns and other weapons.

Previous examples of governments imposing strict gun control laws have always led to the government eventually overpowering the people, authenticating those in power to commit all forms of human rights violations against the helpless public. One such example is Rwanda, where eight genocides killed about 57 million people, resulting from the gun control laws of the 1960s and 1970s that gave corrupt government officials the power to facilitate this massacre.

Another example is that of Sudan. The genocide in Darfur, Sudan was initiated as a result of harsh gun control laws which deprived the public, especially the Christians and African Muslim minorities, of all means of self-defense, giving those in power the ability to abuse their authority, as they knew that they did not have to taste their own medicine. In Sudan, the gun control laws allowed only people about 30 and belonging to a specific socio-economic status to have weapons. Owning weapons was even more difficult for women because of their relatively underprivileged social status. The laws were so rigid that even those legally permitted to keep weapons were not allowed to use and purchase ammunition beyond a permitted limit.

This abuse of power stemming from strict gun control laws is usually followed by the masses losing all authority and living at the mercy of those with more power than them. Coming back to Afghanistan, the Taliban takeover of the state has been brutal for the Afghans who have to deal with rape, kidnapping, and violence daily. They are imposing gun control because a disarmed populace will be even easier to control. Now that the Taliban are depriving the masses of any form of self-defense that they might have, it just makes us think of what chaos may prevail after it.