The ‘Suicide Bomber’ Killed By A Drone In Kabul Was An Aid Worker, And The Biden White House Is ‘Trying To Shift Blame’

The management of Afghanistan’s evacuation is one of the most significant goat-ropes since Desert One in 1980. Worse than the mishandling was the stain on American arms caused by the Taliban’s abduction of American nationals and green-card holders. The US did almost nothing to assist in the repatriation of Americans, while veterans and ally nations undertook the bulk of the work.

The Centre for Humanitarian Assistance to the Armed Forces launched a drone attack against an ISIS-K “facilitator” at HKIA. CENTCOM stated a day later that it had killed a suicide bomber on the way to strike American objectives.

The US military launched an unmanned over-the-horizon attack on a vehicle in Kabul in self-defense, removing an impending ISIS-K threat to Hamid Karzai International Airport. Investigators are examining the possibility of civilian casualties. However, there are currently no signs. Moreover, according to Afghan and foreign reports, a US drone attack in Kabul killed nine individuals, including four children. The nine-member family was murdered, including four children under the age of five.

Civilian casualties, that is, collateral damage, are inevitable in war. For 20 years, the Global War on Terror has been underway, collateral casualties to drone strikes have been frequent, but they’ve always been out of sight and away from the view of major media. The Biden bunch claims it will defend the United States from terrorists via “over the horizon” strikes. I contend that Biden and his cronies have never had any interest in protecting the United States, and their guts to rely on drone strikes has just dropped to zero.

In Kabul, a drone attack killed ten people, including an aid worker. The New York Times just published an investigation on the drone strike. What was regarded as a terrorist act may just have been a typical day in his life? Ahmadi’s vehicle was struck by a Hellfire missile weighing 20 pounds.

Joe Biden and his team took several actions that increased the likelihood of this type of mistake. They initially utilized HKIA after abandoning the far more competent and secure Bagram Air Base in July. Firstly, the 30-plus-mile distance between Bagram and Kabul is a benefit, not a flaw. Secondly, Joe Biden’s choice to retain a minimal US military presence at the evacuation location was a blunder. As a result of this decision, US forces were obliged to operate close-in checkpoints, preventing them from constructing an extra security belt.

If the US had additional staff on the ground, they could have spotted and prevented potential assaults away from our soldiers and civilians. The White House appears to have granted unlimited powers to the local command to avoid a repeat. According to the White House, Biden instructed commanders to “stop at nothing” to hold ISIS accountable for the deaths of US military personnel. A drone attack on an explosives-laden truck near Hamid Karzai International Airport on Sunday targeted an ISIS-K threat. However, it is believed that terrorist base camps will be left unattended, and terrorists will be free to traverse the world and strike at American targets due to all of this.