The “Secret Truth” Behind Joe Biden’s Border Policy

When Trump had claimed during a public speech that he saw the need for a wall built that would ensure stoppage of illegal immigrants flowing into the country, he eventually started making a border around the White house. Many locals and democratic people had found it offensive that the wall built would be wrong for everyone, that the low-income Americans would lose their job and that it would seem evil to do such a thing. Despite all the offensiveness and criticism, Trump had started building the wall. When Biden was appointed as the President of the country, the first thing he did was to announce the availability for immigrants to come into their country seeking better livelihoods and the stoppage of the wall building work.

Nancy Pelosi, who had to stay fenced within the congress because of the threat of attacks that could have been made on her, urges and agrees that if the walls are being built to protect the congressmen and politicians and that the wall would ensure attack safety, then it is justified, as they’ve already had been two incidents that the familiar people mostly neglect, were of the attacks that were made on Rand Paul and Republican House Members. However, the Democrats, on the other hand, had a different approach towards the wall, saying that it was an element of racism towards people who were striving hard to make necessary livelihoods by being the targeted illegal aliens and that it was a subject of discrimination towards them and therefore concluded evilness from the building of such an infrastructure.

The appearance of Omicron, another mutated variant of COVID, has been the reason to delay any delegation visits to finalize what action might be taken regarding the wall.

Many people are now reportedly believing the claims being made by politicians that Biden is acting all good in the books of people aspirants of border crossing. He still is running things on the lower end to ensure the protection and safety of his friends, to which further news is still awaited as to what it means.