The ‘Ridiculous Excuses’ From Dems Caught In Mask Scandals

These Democrats tend to assume that COVID-related limits only apply to the unwashed rubes they represent, not too prominent individuals like themselves. That’s likely why most Democrats have been so outraged when they’ve been discovered breaking a Democratic-imposed mask mandate or another COVID policy they profess to favor. Democratic lawmakers have continuously backed tight mask laws for ordinary residents throughout the COVID-19 epidemic, even breaking their policies while attending parties and meeting with funders.

Moreover, the top ten most ludicrous comments from Democratic lawmakers caught up in COVID-related issues have been compiled. There were many instances to select from, and more scandals will undoubtedly emerge in the following weeks. As they try to avert a midterm wipeout, Democrats are trying to overturn their harsh disguise restrictions.

“Cancel the huge parties this year and concentrate on keeping each other safe,” Liccardo said. He spoke like a real geek after being caught organizing a vast Thanksgiving meal party in violation of state health standards restricting the number of families at private parties. Liccardo tweeted the same day his infraction was discovered, advising constituents to cancel significant events.

Michigan was seen in East Lansing at a huge maskless party in defiance of a Michigan Health Department requirement. She previously flouted the Washington, DC, mask mandate at a busy pub near the White House. Whitmer claimed to be “human,” which explains why she failed to “pause and consider” the significance of regulations.

After being seen without a face mask at a wedding celebration just days after enforcing an indoor mask mandate, the Mayor of Washington, DC, was given Four Pinocchios by the Washington Post for her “poor spin.” Individuals who were “actively eating or drinking” were free from the restriction.

When questioned why she yelled through a bullhorn at a gathering celebrating Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 election, Mayor London Breed remarked, “She was thinking about having a good time.” There are times when having is necessary. She stated, “She felt like that was one of those instances when she felt relief and came together, and she felt like that was one of those occasions.” Breed was seen dancing without a mask at a jazz bar, despite the state enforcing one of the harshest mask laws in the country.

Therefore, Mayor Eric Garcetti of Los Angeles stated that posing for selfies with those not wearing masks posed for “zero percent possibility of infection.” After being seen cavorting in public without a face mask, Rep. Sean Maloney’s spokesperson accused “disappointing anti-gay.”