The Pfizer CEO Now Has COVID-19 Again

When it comes to COVID-19 vaccines, Americans have been largely sold a bad bill of goods. People were told these vaccines were the answer to doing away with the virus. Yet, after vaccines and booster shots, the virus is still around.

Right now, vaccine mandates have ruined a lot of Ameircans’ lives, forcing them out of their jobs. These mandates are even threatening the future of the US military. Though it wasn’t too long ago when people who warned that vaccine mandates were coming were labeled as conspiracy theorists.

Pfizer is one of the nation’s largest COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers. It’s also refusing to turn data over to independent researchers who are trying to advance available treatment options for the virus.

Yet, despite all the company’s hype about the greatness of COVID-19 vaccines, CEO Albert Boula has come down with the virus.

What to Know About Boula’s Latest Run-in With COVID-19
The CEO of Pfizer has been routinely heralded as a health expert that the nation should follow without question. Unfortunately, this hasn’t worked out for Boula himself.

In spite of having taken four different COVID-19 vaccines, he still very recently came down with the virus. This isn’t even Boula’s very first time coming down with the virus. Just several weeks ago, the Pfizer CEO had COVID-19 even with all his vaccines and booster shots.

Boula recently put out a statement that claims he’s feeling alright and doesn’t have any symptoms thus far. The Pfizer CEO then said that while progress has been made in fighting COVID-19, the virus isn’t gone yet.

Though he didn’t elaborate on various health officials who claimed the vaccines (and boosters) were the key to making COVID-19 go away.

The Bigger Picture
To this day, some people, such as those serving in the military, are still having COVID-19 vaccine mandates crammed down their throats. Of course, this is happening with the blessing of the Biden administration.

Many Americans are now questioning why anyone should be mandated to take COVID-19 vaccines that can’t keep people from getting the virus even after four different injections.

At this rate, it’s become more apparent than ever that when it comes to COVID-19, there are no guarantees. There are unvaccinated individuals who are doing fine, while certain vaccinated people are repeatedly coming down with this virus many times over.

This is not a reality the Pfizer CEO wants to draw attention to.