‘The Never-Ending Pandemic’: Dr. Fauci Plays Scrooge While Biden Resorts To Begging

Anchor Margaret Brennan while interviewing Dr. Anthony Fauci on ‘Face the Nation’, was insistent on getting to know about his views on the Covid-19 situation in the coming months. About 75% of Americans aged 12 have received a Covid-19 dose, according to the CDC. The agency estimates that about 100 million Americans have contracted Covid-19 so far and recovered. However, Brennan started by stating 700,000 Americans died due to Covid-19and called it the worst pandemic ever. Of course, from this statement, we can guess how the rest of the interview went.

Seven hundred thousand accounts for only 0.21% of the American population, and we must consider that the virus impacted the elderly more severely than anyone else. The 31% death rate in nursing homes with only a 4% contraction rate is clear proof. On the other hand, children are known to have a lower contraction rate, yet during the entire interview, Fauci implied that Covid-19 has an equal impact on all age brackets. The narrative itself had caused mass hysteria before vaccines were formed. We must also consider the Spanish Flu that hit the US in 1917 and significantly decreased its population as it did not impact those of a specific age bracket only. 

As the interview continued with Fauci stating the negative side of the pandemic only, Brennan asked what course should people follow as the Christmas holidays are nearing. Fauci stated it’s too early to say anything. It seems he’s all set to cancel Christmas. 

Like Biden, Fauci stated unwanted negative aspects of the pandemic that we are all aware of already. We wanted to get to know a different aspect, maybe devise a strategy to reopen schools and workplaces for all instead of scaring us even further. Biden has done his part by introducing new mandates now and then, disrupting the course of life. We do not want anyone canceling Christmas on top of that.