The Media Is “Ignoring” Stories Related To Bidens, Clintons, Epstein And More Like Them

During Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, which she lost to Donald Trump, Miles and Cathy Alexander received an email. Epstein’s lawyer, Darren Indyke, attempted to persuade workers that former President Bill Clinton had not visited the notorious financier’s “Paedo Island.” According to the Daily Mail, Indyke attempted to cover Bill Clinton’s cozy relationship with Jeffrey Epstein.

In 2016, Miles and Cathy Alexander received an email from the lawyer for infamous businessman Jeffrey Epstein. Later that year, Darren Indyke persuaded them to sign an affidavit endorsing Hillary Clinton’s campaign for President of the United States. Ten years before, they had quit their jobs as home managers on Epstein’s private island, Little St. James, in the US Virgin Islands.

Moreover, Hillary and the Democratic National Committee didn’t have anything to worry about. As they campaigned for Hillary, the American media was eager to kill the story for them. They were unconcerned about Hillary’s misdeeds or the kickbacks the Clintons received. Many young girls and women were physically and emotionally abused by the Clintons, Epstein, and Harvey Weinstein. At the same time, the media, celebrities, and other Democrats were busy advocating for the Clintons?

The New York Times was eager to publish on the Biden family’s criminality in 2015 because they backed Hillary. They concealed a report about the Bidens in 2020 while they campaigned for Biden and worked to delegitimize Trump. To justify concealing the article, they said it was Russian misinformation. It’s no surprise that politicians are so corrupt when the media is so ready to hide the facts from the public.

The media and other Democrats are still attacking Trump a year after the 2020 election. When they aren’t attacking Trump, they spread false information about Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. It’s as though journalists don’t realize that when a person applies for a loan, they aren’t required to present assessments.

Following the unsuccessful federal takeover of elections, most Democrats will spend a significant amount of time and money deceiving the public into believing that Republicans oppose the right to vote. In the United States, 9% trust the media “very well,” while 31% trust it “quite well.”

Despite Chief Justice John Roberts’ comment, NPR maintains by its allegation that Roberts’ in some manner “urged the other justices to mask up.” NPR published a phony hit article saying that Judge Sonia Sotomayor will not sit next to Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch because he refuses to wear a mask.