‘The Honeymoon Is Over’: Liberals Lash Out At Van Jones For Saying Biden Has Failed To Deliver On His Promises

“Right now, the honeymoon is over” for President Joe Biden, who claims the President has failed to deliver on his campaign promises. Many on the left slammed him on social media for his remarks. According to the reports, Jones gave a scathing evaluation of Biden’s performance on CNN’s Chris Cuomo’s show on Tuesday.

Furthermore, Van Jones said that President Joe Biden is doing many wonderful things, but people see him negatively because of his fall from grace. “He walks on a rake, slips on a banana peel, and then tumbles down the stairs with some marbles,” that’s how Jones explained to Biden. The President has been chastised for pursuing Trump fans who rioted outside the White House.

According to Jones, the Democratic Party is “on the verge of falling off a cliff,” and Biden’s poll scores might improve if gas costs and coronavirus infections fall. According to Jones, Biden’s achievements are hampered by the Democratic party infighting over two planned large budget packages.

Van Jones is the most deceitful person on the face of the earth. Tony Posnanski, an artist, stated, “I genuinely can’t stand him.” CNN is no longer an option for him. Another critic said that Van Jones would say anything to gain airtime.

“Van Jones was never one of my favorites, and I never trusted him. I guess my intuition was correct. Our society is changing, and the media is playing a dangerous game in moulding our democracy’s demise,” was written by Laurie Kafka, who identifies herself as a dissenter on Twitter. Moreover, according to a new Quinnipiac survey, only 38% of Americans approve of President Joe Biden’s job performance.