The ‘Hits Keep Coming’ For Joe Biden These Past Four Days

Shortly after a closed-door discussion with Senate Democrats, President Joe Biden seemed nervous to talk to reporters. Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, a Democrat, delivered an unexpected address on the Senate floor, reassuring her support for preserving the filibuster. As reported yesterday, President Joe Biden linked his political opponents to renowned Democrat racists in an enraged Georgia address.

Joe Biden’s prospects for any “compromise” on changing Senate rules on the filibuster are circling the drain, just like his popularity numbers. He didn’t have the same “we’ll get this done” mentality as he did in the past. A sad Joe Biden took its place, admitting that he wasn’t sure at all whether “we can get it done.”

President Biden’s expression revealed that he had had a rough 48 hours and a brutal four days on several fronts. During his program yesterday night, Fox News Special Report anchor Bret Baier gave a “hits keep coming” overview of the flood of negative news for the Biden Administration.

#BareShelvesBiden has been trending on social media all week as photographs of bare shelves continue to be uploaded on social media at breakneck speed. President Joe Biden stated that “the much-predicted supply chain disaster did not emerge in mid-December.” Packages are being delivered, and presents are being sent. The shelves aren’t bare.

Furthermore, during press conferences and on social media, President Joe Biden and White House press secretary Jen Psaki seem angry and irritable, indicating that they are aware that things are not going well for them. Sadly, the American people are the ones who are still paying the price for this administration’s disastrous policies and failures, but hopefully not for much longer. November 2022 can’t come fast enough.