The Gaslighting Begins As Biden Sycophants Claim The Kabul Catastrophe Will Make Biden And America Stronger

If America continues on its current course, Afghanistan will transform from a national embarrassment that will constrain US foreign policy for years into a military disaster on the scale of the British Army’s fate during its 1842 withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Despite the US administration’s complete failure to accomplish its objective, and enough evidence that our elites and government are hopelessly stupid, a campaign is beginning to convince us that this is a brilliant decision by the Dementia Popsicle in the White House. While some say there have been glitches in the evacuation process (such as the 10,000 or so Americans who may stay in Kabul beyond the US withdrawal deadline of August 31), the nation requires ‘so-called’ President Joe Biden’s strategy as well as his will.

Josh Landis of The Daily Beast has deactivated’s John Sutter’s Twitter account. He retweeted an article regarding former President Joe Biden’s support for Syrian President Bashar Assad. The author asserts that this demonstrates how detrimental the concept is. The article’s name is “Biden Insiders: Our Afghanistan Exit Is a Part of a Much Bigger Reset.” The author is one of those swindlers who has turned a journalism degree into a “foreign policy” diploma. It illustrates how low the bar is to get there. He’s not a diplomat nor in any State Department. However, he’s a UAE-registered lobbyist. Thus that’s the only foreign policy experience. Following is one of his tweets that captures his brilliance perfectly.

However, this may be a watershed moment in American foreign policy. If the president’s ambition becomes a reality, it will herald America’s return to global leadership after two decades of instability in foreign policy. One primary concern arises: how can Americans lead in society if perceived as weak, incompetent, and untrustworthy? No one has any idea. Citizens are rarely educated about the mechanism by which a national defeat imparts leadership, primarily because it does not.

American people were not “stuck” in Afghanistan like they were for 50 years in West Germany. They are more enthusiastic about the United States as a global force than maintaining 10,000 soldiers in Afghanistan. The US is a vital ally in the fight against China’s growing influence and overall control in the Western Pacific. Furthermore, President Biden’s Build Back Better plan is an investment in America’s security and competitiveness. He said the initiative would focus on cyber security, grid resilience, broadband expansion, and climate change mitigation. Additionally, it seeks to reverse the harm caused by unilateralism, disrespect for the rule of law, and assaults on domestic democracy. As a result, the objective is to spend additional money that they do not have on will-o’-the-wisp activities that contribute nothing to economic progress to do something new.

It is the entire thesis’ flaw. A humiliating and terrible defeat that ended a battle has never made the loser stronger. This tale could have been credible if Biden hadn’t been a moron and had a seamless exit, but that’s not the case. Additionally, Joe Biden’s response to Afghanistan has been cruel and vicious. According to reports, the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister correctly referred to Biden as an idiot. It is believed that Biden is out of touch with the current state of affairs in Afghanistan.

The American public has taken note, and President Biden’s poll ratings have continued to decline. However, at the moment, the Senate is equally divided. Nancy Pelosi will not be Speaker if the Trump-supporting House districts swing Republican in 2022. Biden can’t push a slap-worthy spending package through a Republican Congress or even a GOP-controlled Congress. It is a deceptive and disgusting spin that no one believes, even the author. Partisan hacking is foolish. But it sums up American foreign policy experts.