The Forced Masking Narrative is Officially Dead

Since 2020, Americans have been spoon-fed a variety of narratives about face masks.

First, everyone was told that wearing face masks to prevent COVID infection was silly. Health officials claimed that people going out and buying masks were preventing healthcare workers from accessing necessary supplies, and actually increasing their risks in some ways because they would “touch their mask.”

Then, the narrative abruptly shifted. Health officials next said that everyone must wear a mask. Mask mandates then began to appear. People were told that if they refused to wear a face covering, they were selfish people putting individuals in danger.

Not too long after this, people were advised to possibly wear two face masks; even the New York Times published a favorable op-ed about this.

In the present day, mask mandates have largely been pulled back across the country. With that said, an inconvenient truth has emerged that officially ends the forced masking narrative, according to Red State.

Breaking News from South Korea

Fresh data from South Korea shows the country is almost on par with America as it pertains to cumulative coronavirus infections. This data comes in spite of South Korea implementing strict social distancing measures, mask mandates, and vaccine mandates.

Ironically, South Korea is a nation that forced maskers tend to reference when they’re calling for more restrictions being imposed upon people.

On social media, supporters of forced maskers have groaned over this data. Most of the responses question how South Korea’s data can stand at its current levels, despite the country implementing various precautions supported by health officials.

The Uncomfortable and Undeniable Truth

If face masks were truly effective in stopping coronavirus, the virus would be non-existent by now. The same is also true of N-95 masks that are commonly used in South Korea.

As a naturally airborne virus, COVID is going to spread whether or not people wear one mask, two masks, or ten masks. Health officials have consistently said “the science” shows masks stop the spread of COVID, yet the real data continues to show otherwise.

Many Americans who are sick of mandates have also pointed out another reality that’s inconvenient to supporters of forced masking.

In the minds of many people, there’s an irony in believing that face masks can stop the spread of COVID when the virus is able to get through multiple vaccines and booster shots.

Of course, the new data from South Korea is not going to shut down people who are determined to keep these medical mandates going on forever.

In fact, Fauci is already back in the public eye again, claiming if COVID cases rise again, Americans must be “flexible” enough to embrace more mandates.