The FBI Is Being Slammed Over Release Of Mar-A-Lago Warrant Application

Earlier this month, the FBI kicked a hornet’s nest when it raided the Mar-a-Lago residence of former President Trump unexpectedly.

This raid lasted for ten hours. FBI officials are said to have taken Trump’s passports, broken into his (empty) safe, and even ransacked the closet of former first lady Melania Trump. Eventually, federal agents left with nearly one dozen boxes of materials collected from Trump’s estate.

The Biden administration claims the president knew nothing about this, but few Americans believe this. Since the raid, it’s come out that most people believe it was politically motivated and designed to damage Trump.

Earlier this week, the FBI’s warrant application to raid Mar-a-Lago was released to the general public. However, what Americans were given privy to was about as good as nothing at all.

The Most Redacted Document of All Time?
Just about 98% of the warrant application released by the Justice Department was completely redacted. Many Americans slammed this as further evidence that federal officials are carrying out a witch hunt against Trump and trying to cover their tracks as best as possible.

Conservatives also slammed the FBI and Justice Department for a lack of transparency. The heavily redacted document, needless to say, did not provide clear answers into what exactly motivated this raid of the former president’s estate.

Because the documentation was so heavily redacted, Americans aren’t any closer to truly knowing what probable cause the FBI had in raiding Mar-a-Lago. Trump, for his part, says that federal authorities violated his Fourth Amendment rights, and he’ll be taking legal action accordingly.

Since the raid on Mar-a-Lago, trust in the FBI fell dramatically, as documented in multiple polls. Now, there are concerns about whether similar actions will be carried out against other opponents of the Biden regime.

The End of the FBI?
Many conservatives have warned that an FBI that targets the president’s political opponents has no business operating in the United States. If the Justice Department was looking to ease people’s concerns with the release of this warrant application, it sorely missed the mark.

This is why calls for the FBI to be abolished entirely continue to grow. There’s been no signal from the Justice Department of plans to release documents that actually provide transparent insight and reasoning into the Mar-a-Lago raid.

Biden, of course, is remaining tight-lipped about the matter.