The “Enemy” Of United States: President Joe Biden

On the first day of construction, Joe Biden halted the Keystone Pipeline, resulting in the loss of thousands of well-paying jobs. He halted the development of the southern border wall, resulting in the loss of other jobs and the rotting of millions of dollars in equipment in the desert. Any wall would thwart Biden’s plan to bring in nearly two million migrants worldwide, finance them, and disperse them around the country into unsuspecting communities.

Leftists have known for a long time that their false epidemic has worked in their favor, but they needed to do something to derail President Trump. They lifted Trump’s ban on the Nord Stream Pipeline, putting Germany reliant on Russian gas and enriching Russia in the process. What a tremendous blunder of a decision. Natural gas prices in the United States have more than doubled. The cost of gasoline has increased by at least 40%.

Moreover, other pipelines and oil leases on federal land and offshore are being canceled by Biden and his Justice Department. It is ostensibly done for the environment’s sake, but this is a fabrication. Its goal is to drag down the middle and working classes.

Speed cameras are used for comprehensive monitoring because “they are less racially prejudiced than cops” and “to avoid potholes”?! He hasn’t considered that vaccine requirements are at the foundation of our air traffic difficulties, not to mention that they are putting thousands of truckers out of work. He’s an embarrassment, just like Biden’s energy secretary, the dishonest Jennifer Granholm, and DHS secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, who should have been fired on day two.

Joe Biden is currently the world’s most potent human trafficker. When will people discover where the tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors have been sent and who is responsible for their “care”? The departure from Afghanistan made the United States seem foolish across the globe, while China, Russia, and Iran were ecstatic. He is responsible for the murders of 13 of our young fighters, as well as a ten-member innocent family in Afghanistan.

Therefore Joe Biden is to blame for our military’s forced awakening and evisceration. According to accumulating data, vaccines appear to interfere with the body’s natural immune system. The vaccination rollout is part of Fauci and his associates’ get-rich-quick plot. Joe Biden possesses the power and clout of a damp dishrag. He is deliberately fomenting conflict between Russia and Ukraine for his gain. His tail-wagging has already wreaked havoc on Ukraine’s economy. America is a sitting duck, open to assault from any direction.