The Democrats’ Problem For The 2022 Midterms: They’ve Been “Cheating” The Americans

The American Left has done everything necessary to establish an Emanuel-style “Crisis Syndrome” and keep it going for as long as possible. Today, most Americans are working hard to recover from COVID-19 and restore our resilient country to its full potential. It’ll be a challenging year, but they can’t afford to waste a crisis.

While Democrats fomented a summer of turmoil, rioting, and damage that threatened the safety of millions, the year 2020 was packed with laws “to keep us safe.” Democrats carefully studied the emotions and determined that millions of liberty-loving Americans were prepared to comply with nearly any requirement provided it was imposed to “keep us secure.”

For the first time in history, America was energy self-sufficient. Joe Biden took office in the White House and promptly shut down the Keystone project, among many other initiatives that have pushed up energy costs by more than a third. During the 2020 lockdowns, millions of Americans lost their jobs. Still, Biden’s vaccine requirements and those enforced by governors and private companies have resulted in the termination of millions more.

According to news, Biden’s approval numbers are plummeting, America’s economy is collapsing, and the Left wants to destroy America to rescue “democracy.” It isn’t Obama’s “Change We Can Believe In,” far from it. According to reports, the Left does not want America to heal. Instead, it wants it to transform.

Moreover, the campaign for 2022 is already underway, and Republicans are optimistic about their prospects. “Biden’s first year has been the worst since Carter,” says David Bossie, “and the midterms will be the remedy for buyer’s remorse.” Regroup, says “Dems should be optimistic about the 2022 midterm elections for six reasons.”

According to the Guardian, Joe Biden must “stand up and fight (West Virginia Democrat Sen. Joe) Manchin like our lives are on the line.” Why would any leader in our “divided nation” deliberately alienate millions of voters who had voted for him? Elections are not won in this manner. Biden’s government is purposefully impoverishing millions of Americans and harassing millions more.

Democrats believe they can rely on false narratives, and they expect their media and cultural friends to help them spread them. According to reports, the elites’ arrogance appears to be fueling the professionals’ incessant waffling. They all have a low opinion of the Deplorable, and they expect them to believe it. Despite their massive message advantage, they do not have an easy task ahead.

In April, Joe Biden will have to sign an executive order proclaiming Nancy Pelosi’s federal takeover of state and local elections to be law. In July, Biden may impose severe limits in the name of “keeping us secure,” of course that will elicit a public outcry akin to those witnessed in Canada, Europe, and Australia. Attorney-General Garland may send the FBI out onto the streets and arrest tens of thousands of White Supremacists. A few hundred million dollars in hidden money from Big Business Billionaires might lubricate the wheels in November’s vote counting.