The Democrat Who ‘Accused’ Trump Of Being Russia’s Pawn — His Russian Connections Are ‘Discovered’

One continuous rule regarding Democrats is that if they are yelling allegations more loudly than others against someone, the Democrat doing the shouting is almost certainly guilty of the same conduct. California Democrat Eric Swalwell was among the most outspoken critics of US President Donald Trump’s ties to Russia in 2016. Later on, it was revealed that he had been romantically linked with a Chinese spy, but nothing came of it because of the unofficial slogan “it’s alright when we do it.”

According to the reports, Rep. Eric Swalwell has accused Republicans of cheerleading for Russia and allowing this to happen. However, it turns out that he is well-versed in using Russian funds to aid political campaigns. Last year, the congressman received $2,900 from Vincent Roberti Sr., the Chairman of Roberti Global. According to The Washington Free Beacon, Roberti gave $5,400 to Swalwell’s campaign in 2018.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was made feasible by the opening of the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline, which was sanctioned during Trump’s presidency but was repealed after Biden took office. With oil flowing from Russia to Germany via Nord Stream 2, an invasion of a country with infrastructure that may allow for simple transfer of oil into Europe for sale can take place without causing too much damage to Russia’s bottom line.

Moreover, Rep. Eric Swalwell, whose campaign was aided by Nord Stream 2 funds, was among those who helped make this all happen. He’s developed a practice of sleeping with the adversaries, both metaphorically and physically. Therefore, If somebody is going to be talking about people with ties to Russia, it might be best for him to stay out of any official position.