The Big Scary January 6 Solidarity Protest Was Entirely Media Concocted

Something was meant to happen in Washington, D.C., but it’s difficult to say what it was. According to the rumors floating on social media, a demonstration was planned for the weekend, even though the January 6 ‘patriots’ supporters did not know.

The media and Democrats spent too much time focusing on a demonstration that had little to do with the political issues debated in 2022. Their legislative agenda is in shambles. Their leader is a stumbling old guy who shuffles off stage when asked a question, and their Vice President is nowhere to be seen. The national news gave the menacing protestors so much publicity that you’d believe Al-Qaeda was planning a civic protest.

It was because there were more media and law enforcement officers there than protestors. The event was intended to be a significant domestic terror opportunity waiting to happen, but it didn’t.

According to right-wing journalist Brian Stelter, the gathering was a “dud,” which means it was the “most anticipated visit by right-wing activists” by anybody other than journalists. They were the only ones who wanted to watch how the event was covered. No one anticipated these groups of Right-wing lunatics to turn out to be anything, even though the whole internet Left was ready to tweet about how dangerous they are to the country.

Although Right-wing groups organized the demonstration, the media manufactured the story around it, anxious for a significant right-wing riot. If there were regular headlines about these “dangerous extremists” coming to D.C., it’s hard to imagine they’d react the way they did.

‘Thanks For Risking Your Lives,’ Lewis Black’s new CD, tackles the actual issue with the media. Political pundits provide virtually all of the news coverage. We watch a news report, and six people each tell us what they think about it. We’ve forgotten what the original tale was by the conclusion of all the discussion. It’s one of those instances where it stands out.

But this wasn’t a journalistic failure for people like Brian Stelter and other “media reporter” types. It was due to the demonstrators’ failure.