The Biden Administration May “Restore The Horrible” Iran Nuclear Deal

The Biden Administration claims to be close to restoring a deal with Iran that was meant to stop the country’s nuclear weapons development. Negotiations have been delayed for months, with Iran insisting on lifting all sanctions before negotiating. However, Iran has withdrawn that demand in the last month and now wants sanctions eased if Iran signs.

After meetings this week in Vienna, a senior State Department official said that negotiators had achieved the essential elements of a prospective deal. It would revert to the 2015 agreement that President Donald Trump rescinded four years ago against the opposition of many of his top aides. In the end, this allowed Iran to resume nuclear manufacturing and enrich nuclear material to levels substantially closer to those required for the development of nuclear weapons.

According to a senior State Department source, Biden is willing to return to the 2015 accord. Some Democrats and virtually all Republicans have insisted that a new deal limit Iran’s missile development. They further claim that it would not stop Tehran’s funding for terrorist organizations or cause upheaval in the Middle East.

Moreover, an Iranian Foreign Ministry official ruled out the release of American “prisoners” as a condition for a nuclear agreement. The unsolved dilemma is Iran’s stockpile of highly enriched uranium (HEU), particularly uranium processed to a 60 percent purity level. It’s unknown how it’ll be disposed of or whether it’ll just be relocated to another nation, like Russia.

Therefore, given his domestic political condition, Biden would throw the business away anyhow. Russia removed the stockpile and began returning it to the United States in 2018, far before the agreement’s deadline of 2030. In 2021, Tehran began putting in their newer centrifuges, which were three times as efficient as the old ones. The moment to prevent Iran from developing an atomic bomb is passed.