The Biden Administration Keeps Treating Critical Race Theory Like “History”

During the White House press briefing on July 9, press secretary Jen Psaki doubled down yet again on the Biden administration’s dubious characterization of critical race theory in America’s public schools as if it were simply teaching objective history.

When asked about the “president’s thoughts on anti-racism curriculum in the classroom,” Psaki stated the country’s schools are needed to acknowledge existing “systemic racism.”

“The president believes that in our history, there are many dark moments. And there is not just slavery and racism in our history, there is systemic racism that is still impacting society today,” Psaki stated.

As part of the familiar refrain that first lady Jill Biden is an educator, Psaki touted her commitment to teaching systemic racism and that the president “continues to believe that children should learn not just the good but also the challenging in our history, and that’s part of what we’re talking about here, even as it’s become politically charged.”

The White House repeatedly commits to defending critical race theory even when social media give it every opportunity to frame the issue realistically. Instead of acknowledging that there is an actual controversy and that the concerns of parents and citizens opposed to critical race theory in elementary schools are legitimate, the administration holds fast.

Biden officials continue to pretend that the movement to teach young children that skin color can mean a life of victimhood or permanent status as an evil oppressor is objective history and cannot reasonably be disputed.

Psaki continues to refer to critical race theory as objective “history.” Meanwhile, the nation’s most prominent teachers’ union, the NEA, pledges to “fight back against anti-CRT rhetoric.” President Biden is unlikely ever to reconsider his NEA devotion, and as a result, he is forever binding himself to critical race theory as official federal policy.

Joe Biden’s appeal to what may be left of the middle parts of his Democratic voting supporters is at risk because of the hardline approach of teachers’ unions to the indoctrination of children with Marxist political dogma. Critical race theory is sure to be front and center in next year’s midterm elections as teachers’ unions are pitted in direct opposition to parents across the country.