The Biden Administration Is ‘Withholding’ December Border Crossing Numbers

The Biden Administration has neglected to provide December border crossing figures shared internally for at least ten days by Customs and Border Protection. On Capitol Hill, this is creating suspicions that the White House is withholding negative facts about the severity of the border issue. The December data are “planned to be released soon,” a CBP representative told the reporters, but she didn’t say why they were delayed.

Republicans in Congress have accused the Biden Administration of being opaque during one of the most massive illegal immigration surges in modern history. Rep. Chip Roy (R. Texas) stated, “They know it’s going to be a startling and disgraceful amount, and they don’t let the American people know it. If they reclaim power in 2023, oversight hearings should begin immediately.”

According to court records filed by the Department of Homeland Security against President Donald Trump, more than 55,000 migrants were released into the United States’ interior in December. The data for border crossings are usually given in the first two weeks of the following month. However, the November numbers were not disclosed until December.

Furthermore, Americans want to know what’s going on. Rep. August Pfluger (R. Texas) indicated that the American people could handle it if there were terrible news. President Joe Biden has presided over the greatest migrant flood in history at the southern border. Border Patrol detained more than 1.6 million migrants in the fiscal year 2021.

According to his agency’s yearly report, President Joe Biden has yet to announce the number of illegal immigrants deported in 2021. Between March 21, 2021, and August 31, 2021, the Department of Homeland Security revealed it could not trace about half of all migrants let into the United States.