The Art Of Political Scapegoating And Biden Administration

Joe Biden’s Presidency is only taking a fall so far even though the Democrats are doing nothing but crowing about the Build Back Better Bill passing the House, even though it has yet to pass the Senate. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill signed by him just last week did not do much in increasing his popularity. After all, his policies are known for being unpopular historically.

With rising inflation lurking on the administration head, how exactly Biden plans on turning things around is still unknown. Ideally, Biden needs an enemy whom he can blame for his failures, but that too isn’t possible at the moment because the opposition Republicans are out of power and won’t be taking over the control of Congress until 2023. But that wouldn’t stop Biden from finding someone to blame, and guess who he has in mind to be the scapegoat this time? It’s not a hard guess considering all our previous presidents have been blaming it, and it is now termed the most successful consortium in world history. The American Oil and Gas companies!

That’s right. These companies aren’t that lovable anyway. Since they are so successful, they have always been the target of the west for several generations now. It has become part of the culture to portray these companies as evil and grasping capitalists who see the law below them. It makes it all the easier for Biden to portray them as villains for his Presidential morality. The price of gasoline, which is now climbing toward $4 a gallon, has made Biden’s job that easy. All he has to do is manipulate some facts, and there you have it. Biden, in a statement, said that if the gap between wholesale and retail gas prices were in line with the past averages, the Americans would have to pay 25 cents less per gallon. Moreover, he added that the companies are pocketing the difference as profit, calling it unacceptable. Biden is creating a conspiracy theory here to mask his destructive policies. How convenient. And he expects us to buy this crap.