The Argument For Electric Vehicles Just Got Worse

Across the United States, Democrats are working overtime to force virtually every American into driving an electric vehicle. This is seen across multiple states, such as New York and California, that plan to outlaw the sales of cars that are non-electric by 2035.

Unfortunately for Democrats, their efforts to get everyone into electric vehicles don’t negate all the problems stemming from these cars. In the wake of flooding in Florida after Hurricane Ian recently hit the state, some electric vehicles are exploding.

Then, in other parts of the country, the charging stations designed for electric vehicles continue not to work, thereby leaving their owners stranded.

That’s not to mention the United States’ lack of access to the parts necessary to create these vehicles in mass. China, on the other hand, would greatly benefit from Americans being reliant on vehicles with components largely controlled by the communist regime.

Now, the push for electric vehicles has taken another hit as owners of these cars run into trouble.

It’s Not Looking Good
Complications with charging electric vehicles are once again making headlines, this time out of Australia.

In this case, however, electric vehicle owners are reportedly asking their neighbors not to use electricity at particular times. This timeframe is being proposed so electric vehicle owners can actually charge their cars. Apparently, electric vehicle charging isn’t feasible while others are using power for their own needs.

These requests in Australia were specifically made on flyers that mentioned “challenges” in the quest to “go green.”

A Glimpse Into America’s Future?
If Democrats here in the states get their way, the issues Australia is facing today will be the problems America endures in 2035 and beyond. Already in California, the electric grid is barely hanging on by a thread amid growing electric vehicle use.

Democrats, for all their efforts to make electric vehicles the only viable option for transportation, aren’t addressing these real issues. However, they’re saying these cars are critical for fighting climate change.

At this rate, there’s no clear solution to what Australia is up against. Short of abandoning their “go green” agenda, there’s little that can be done about electric vehicle-related problems.

Here in America, we have a chance to reverse course before it’s too late.