Texas Criminalizes State-Level Illegal Immigration

On Monday, Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) signed a bill into law that now makes it a crime against the state of Texas if illegal aliens are caught entering the state. The law, which is the first of its kind, will now allow state law enforcement officials to arrest and deport illegals.

Breitbart reported that bill SB 4 was officially signed into law during a large public ceremony held near the southern border in Brownsville, Texas. The guest list included Lieutenant Gov. Dan Patrick (R-TX), National Border Patrol Council President (NBPC) Brandon Judd, and several state lawmakers.

The bill passed with flying colors during a special session of the Texas state legislature, officially securing another step closer towards the nation’s quest for safer and more practical immigration policies. For the first time in American history, it is now illegal and a punishable offense to illegally enter the Lone Star State from any foreign country.

Anyone caught entering or reentering the state now faces up to 20 years in prison and the threat of deportation. Until now, the only authorized personnel to process, charge, arrest, and deport illegal immigrants were federal border patrol agents.

Texas law enforcement now has the authority to arrest and deport illegals back to their home country, or, to the foreign nation they illegally entered the country from.

The recent legislation also gives local and state officials, government contractors, and government employees indemnification and civil immunity from lawsuits that may target the new law. Furthermore, the law also allows illegals to cooperate with state law enforcement if they willingly agree to return to their home country, or “Stipulated Deportation.”

The law also outlines the increases in the penalties for immigration-related offenses. Normally this would be overseen and handled by the federal government, but the recent legislation, which was based on a few previously-passed laws — also increased criminal penalties for the crime of illegal immigration.

The newly signed bill is the latest effort of Gov. Abbott to increase the power and enforcement state authorities have over the border, because the federal government and the Biden Administration has jumped ship and completely failed to make any real effort to secure the border.

Immigration Officials including Border Patrol and ICE have been commanded to not arrest, but to accommodate and essentially act as a host or local guide to any apprehended illegal alien. This leaves many tax-paying Americans less than enthusiastic about the federal government’s stance and handling of its immigration policies.

This isn’t the first attempt Gov. Abbott has made efforts to bolster the border’s security. He had previously installed a large buoy barrier down the middle of the Rio Grande in his attempt to keep people from illegally crossing into the state.

Subsequently, The Biden Administration attempted to sue in order to get the barrier removed, however their efforts were made in vain, and would later get thrown out of court. Furthermore, when Texas set up a barbed wire barrier, the border patrol agents were ordered by the President to cut through it, which led to the state suing and winning against the White House in October.