Taliban Reportedly Brawl Over Who Did What In The War Against The US

As the Taliban claim complete control over Afghanistan, there have been reports of brawls among two factions who contributed how much in winning the war against the US. The two factions have fought alongside the region to claim control over the country again, but as reported to BBC Pashto, they brawl in Kabul’s president’s palace.

Just as the Taliban’s announced a new government in Afghanistan, two of their leaders got caught up in a row on who did the most to secure victory against the US and the issue of power distribution in the formed cabinet. A senior Taliban official informed the BBC of the brawl in the presidential palace. The dispute was brought to everybody’s attention as one of the leaders, and Abdul Ghani Baradar disappeared several days ago. Upon news of his disappearance, a Taliban source told BBC that Baradar and the Haqqani network’s minister of Refugees, a prominent figure Khalil Haqqani shared a heated argument in which some strong words were exchanged.

It is being assumed by many that perhaps Baradar’s disappearance has something to do with the tensions with Haqqani. After all, it’s the Taliban’s, and anything can be expected of them. They were successful in covering up the death of Mullah Omar for two full years. It wouldn’t be much of a surprise if Baradar met the same fate.

But all else aside, regarding the brawl on who contributed more for the Taliban’s victory, neither of the two factions. The credit goes entirely to Biden and his administration for single-handedly having lost the entire country after 20 years of endless war in just over a couple of months. All the Taliban did was rule the ruins of the war and occupy and flaunt the billions of Dollars-worth military equipment and infrastructure.