Systemic Racism? Media Avoids One Major Part Of Memphis Police Death

The death of Tyre Nichols at the hands of Memphis police officers has become a nationwide story. However, the circumstances of the death of an unarmed black man is far different than the circumstances following the death of George Floyd in 2020.

Protests have struck across the country after a video of the police beating was released. The killing of Nichols by black police officers may be the spark of a major protest movement across the country.

The argument, they say, is that regardless of the race of the officers, the act was still racist. However, how could it be racist when every one of these officers was black? It’s a solution in search of a solution.

The role of the officers has already had a terrible effect on the country. There was violent ANTIFA action in New York City after the video of the death was released.

Things are different here than in previous cases and it’s important to let the legal system work. The video appears to show the officers passing around Nichols for beating. That definitely requires a closer look.

There has been some positive action taken. The city of Memphis disbanded the unit that was involved in the beating.

The Memphis city government has a lot to answer for. It’s also a sign that the issues within the Memphis Police Department may be structural, rather than racial. If this is the case, the story may be far more of a local, rather than a national one.

This could prevent a major wave of protests across the country similar to those in 2020. The destructive measures used by rioters should be a warning to the rest of us. Avoiding a misunderstanding that leads to nationwide riots is essential.

This is a chance to remember the full extent of what police do for our cities and to prevent future cases of bad apples in police departments and riots alike. Right now, the example may have to be Memphis.