Suppose If Kamala Harris Becomes President

President Joe Biden is a frail human being. Joe falters due to the early onset of old age, not overwork (First Lady Jill maintains Joe works for the country 24 hours a day, seven days a week). Note the shifty nastiness of the lady who is now V.P. and the woman in white who brilliantly skewered her in the second video at the link.

Kamala is considered a lightweight, yet unlike her boss Joe Biden, she is not cognitively or physically challenged. She’s 57 years old, healthy, and filled with unbridled ambition. Kamala may lack talent, judgment, and concentration, but she is not lacking in self-serving ruthlessness. Her whole career has been geared toward one goal: being the president of the United States.

Kamala Harris has had a front-row view of the Biden administration’s death spiral performance. Every progressive legislation enacted by this mangled Biden group has injured the country and worsened the president’s unpopularity. Kamala may not be concerned about the first consequence, but she is concerned about the second. President Harris has the option of doubling down on failing policies. She has the potential to wreak havoc on America even more than Biden.

Moreover, Kamala Harris is about to become California’s first female senator, and her brain tells her that continuing the path, for the time being, will result in electoral disaster. Even before kicking derrières, Kamala’s priority will be to repair the economy, decimated by inflation. The status of the economy has determined whether an incumbent president obtains a second term throughout American history. “It’s the economics, dumb,” argues James Carville, a longtime Democratic strategist.

Kamala has the power to increase domestic energy output through executive order. She can reinstate Biden’s directive to repeal two rules for everyone that is added, declaring full support for law enforcement and ordering the Justice Department to use the RICO provisions against carjackers and smash-and-grabbers. She also has the authority to veto any version of the Build Back Better law that comes to her desk.

Yet, most Americans would praise and murmur with incredible alleviation by far. Michelle Obama, Stacey Abrams, Muriel Bowser, and Cory Booker strike a chord as conceivable V.P.s. Larry Hogan, the harmless legislative head of Maryland, could move on board as a solidarity pick. Without a doubt, it won’t be Jill Biden or Tulsi Gabbard.