Students Get A Dose Of Happy Mask Reality By Gov. Ron DeSantis

Gov. Ron DeSantis is a good administrator with a lot of common sense and a strong belief in individual liberty. He told high school students that masks don’t function and don’t need them at an event. Leftists accused him of shouting at the students.

As of this writing, Gov. Ron DeSantis’ viral video has been seen 11 million times. In it, he requests that a group of high school kids remove their masks before he takes the platform during his swearing-in ceremony. It’s making no progress. So, if people want to wear that, go ahead, but this is stupid, he says.

According to the reports, the usual suspects on the left were immediately upset on behalf of the pupils. Age is one of the critical predictors of COVID mortality risk, although it is not the only factor that kills people. Suicide, untreated diseases, drug addiction and hopelessness, contribute to this.

Moreover, many others agreed with R.A. Salvatore (tweet below) when he felt it was “bullying/berating” for DeSantis to repeat the CDC’s recommendations and give children an option. He then suggested that individuals choose as if he had come up with a novel concept.

Furthermore, the purpose of masks has been to protect wounds from becoming infected by bigger bacteria that the masks stop. Practically all masks are ineffective against viruses. Then there’s this case of public ignorance, in which a member of the public appears to be uninformed that viruses are around 1,000 times smaller than bacteria. Therefore, in comparison to most Republicans, most Democrats are either RINOs or cowards and most lefties are, excuse me, fools.