‘Stop Yelling, Start Leading,’ Says Maureen Mackey To Biden And Other US Leaders

Biden has almost lost his shit now after the complete evacuation of the US troops on August 31st as he gets flooded by criticism on all fronts. It’s been five days since his interview in which he yelled about his Afghanistan decision, defending it vigorously as the best decision for the nation. However, the people are still stunned at his reaction, which was contradictory to the leadership qualities he promised he possessed.

During his campaign, Biden had repeatedly said that the American nation needs a leader that has patience and perseverance and that it’s time to bring America together and work without anger. Still, his public address was everything against what he promoted and won him his way to the White House. Considering that the entire withdrawal situation was a big disaster with American citizens and Afghan allies still stranded on grounds, Biden dares to have a demeaning attitude. It is why people are so shocked at the way he is handling things.

There are plenty of issues at home that need his attention and that have not ceased existing ever since the Afghan fiasco started. Biden needs to realize that anger does not equate to confidence, and putting the whole issue on someone else’s head will not change reality. Hiking inflation, taxes, unemployment, and the rapidly spreading Delta variant of the Covid-19 virus has everyone in an uncanny situation. Moreover, the families of the 13 fallen soldiers in Kabul are still mourning the loss of their loved one. At a time like this, the least Biden can do is express an appropriate attitude. The American people will not be able to forget so soon how Biden swayed from his sworn duty to get all of the Americans and allies out of Kabul, and the blood of the fallen will be on his hands.